socalledunitedstates: slrrp: slrrp: heads up to my underage followers don’t join mastodon. the lax nature of regulations makes it an extremely popular platform for maps and pedophiles. there are always alternatives to tumblr but mastodon […]

A collection of tokens I’ve made so far for friends and people over on twitter (where I’ve been marginally more active with content that isn’t reblogs *cough*). My twitter is mystarseed, just like here (and […]

justgot1: unpretty: pintoras: “Imagine a woman in the long skirts and high collar of the early 20th century standing in front of the painting she created. It is a massive piece—about 10 feet tall by […]

jeinu: jeinu: Commissions are open! Fan art/OCs/ttrpg PCs/ships welcome; keep content PG-13ish. Only accepting orders from Dec 1-3, priority given to gift orders and those with all the info/payment ready (if you want a low […]

nicholaskole: Over the past year I’ve had the honour of working with Drastic Games as a concept artist for their debut game: Soundfall! It’s a musical adventure game where sound plays a key role in […]