Tokens and promo art for the upcoming campaign I’m running for @midgardia! I am incredibly thankful to my friends/players for helping me out and commissioning me for the tokens <3 Check out @midgardia for links […]

gneerly: hey friendly psa/reminder that with the seasons changing right now, a lot of people with mood disorders (and even people without them) can get all messed up and wonky from that so try to […]

Archie, my character for one of the two new campaigns we’ll be running over on @midgardia in December. He’s a soft-spoken, hard-working boy who wishes to defend those without the means to defend themselves, and […]

rnarccus: englishblgames: It’s review time! Eldet demo v2 review! At the beginning of the month, @eldet-development released an updated version of Eldet’s demo, two years after the initial one that was launched for the project’s […]