mediamattersforamerica: Today we remember the 11 members of the Tree of Life synagogue who died on October 27 in the deadliest anti-Semitic attack in American history.  News outlets have paid tribute to the victims by […]

midgardia: We’re getting all geared up for our second year of Extra Life fundraising! Extra Life 2017 was our first 24HR charity stream, and we were but a fledgling group with barely any experience in […]

dungeonmastersconsortium: dungeonmastersconsortium: So I get a lot of people asking me to promote their content, which is great! However, I’m only going to be promoting content led/written/developed by women, people of color, or queer folks […]

princessamericachavez: After a year of watching CR, the cast’s panels and the Between the Sheets interviews… I think I can safely say that the most important lesson I’ve learned from them is how life-changing it […]

aroacepagans: wardenofannwn: aroacepagans: Oh, btw cus I haven’t seen any posts about it yet, the 2018 asexual census survey is up, and people should defiantly go take it so that we can continue to have up […]

galmiahthepigeon: *Kicks down door and breaks into your house* BE AWARE OF ASEXUALITY BITCH!!!!!! On this week, one year ago, I came out for the first time, to my best friend. Her good reaction encouraged […]