cookinguptales: So a couple days ago, Angela Peters, a wheelchair user with cerebral palsy, tried to get her nails done at a local nail salon. (“Da Vi nails”.) She was turned away because of her […]

thetieflingblog: Reblog with info about your tiefling! I wanna hear about all the good demon babies people have. 😈 This here is one of my oldest and fondest characters. She’s the result of an Aasimar […]

anonymousedward: oswinstark: trashmouse: brinconvenient: sabbatine: atsirhc: smalllittlekitty: The man holding this #BlackLivesMatter sign is Richmond (CA) police chief Chris Magnus, whose department has not lost an officer or killed a citizen since 2007, the year […]

theoriginalkanks: skyakafreckles: nice–food: Ice Cube Apple Pie That’s dope af Ok but think of the possibilities! Homemade pizza rolls, mini meat pies, nutella bites, nacho/taco bites etc…🤤 (Source:

salty-blue-mage: evecoffn: character concept: two people who have been reincarnated for thousands of years and have always found eachother but instead of being in love they just fucking hate eachother

gay-emo-quotes: walkingthroughstarlight: I grew up in a poly household. My mother was married to two men who loved her dearly and they were the best of friends. I use past tense due to the fact […]