silentblackpanther: mystarseed: Lyrica the Bard for @silentblackpanther! Forgot to post this here XD I tend to post more serious art and comms to Patreon first, and then… forget to do it here *coughs* This design […]

inkskinned: uhhhhhhhhh i just figured out that “ofc” is “of fucking course” but this whole time i’ve been reading it “ofcourse” ………… anyway if u need a dumbass just hmu

sandersstudies: madamedraconis: sandersstudies: My sociology professor had a really good metaphor for privilege today. She didn’t talk about race or gender or orientation or class, she talked about being left-handed. A left-handed person walks into […]

prettysicksupply: gahdamnpunk: “One must respect the game”, but when is French Open going to respect Serena?! This is also about white men in power denying the real, proven medical needs of a black woman.  I’ve […]

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meanthoughtscheapshots: daftplunk: If you ever hear me breathe deeply it’s not because I’m annoyed it’s because I forget to breathe sometimes I always get called out for deep sighing but no this is me