Guys, I need help. I need money to afford groceries, and to catch up on rent and pay the two bills I have to cover (groceries and my bank account), and I don’t have the […]

falyros: naturalcritics: probablysupervillainrpgideas: quest-givers: probablyacerpgideas: theasexualityfandom: trial-by-combat: Reblog this with a 6 word summary of your last d&d session Mine is “Lost my religion eat a croissant” ‘I’m don’t care I’m on fire…. someone needs […]

spoonie-living: nocturnalvisionary: ANYONE who has a progressive disability, chronic illness, just gets sick a lot, cancer, etc. seriously look into the app called Updoc: Health Diary It’s amazing. It has custom intensity scale ( 0 […]