falyros: Me when someone mixes up devils and demons/thinks they’re the same thing, or thinks the word “infernal” means “demonic”: We have a Daemonfey Bladesinger in our campaign. (4E with a lot of homebrew) One […]

spiderladyceo: thereyloverse: thenudewitchofthenorth: river-rider-with-cats: blame-my-muses: arirashkae: systlin: piskykyle: countrygirlil2015: piskykyle: So I was taught a lesson in how to get rid of a migraine in 30 seconds and omfg listen my migraines don’t go away […]

nucpunk: The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) was just reformed so that disabled people can’t sue public businesses for discrimination because it would be discrimination against that business. 50% of all US murder victims by […]

zyoko: allinyourimagination: A chibi speedpaint commission for Zyoko over Email. I’m currently taking speedpaint commissions for pretty cheap only for a limited time! Please check’em out if you’re interested.Check them out here! Commissions | Shop […]

aleatoryw: shawnhenryspencer: betazeds: shawnhenryspencer: shawnhenryspencer: betazeds: shawnhenryspencer: do you think vampires and werewolves are an exclusively human phenomenon or are there dwarfish werewolves and elvish vamps and shit?? would you fucking go to bed *griffin […]

Another commission down! This time a chibi of one of our newer members on the server, a cutie in their oversized jersey~ Tried my best to make them look non-binary X3 Get your own chibi […]

Avatar commission for @shomaru of his Gemcaster drow! He gave me a photo of a sketch to work with, so the original image isn’t mine, I just… fixed some things and colored/shaded it! Avatar border […]