spoonie-living: [Image: A light-skinned person with long, blonde hair, laying down in bed and looking at a tablet held up by a spider-like  stand.] Tablift Adjustable Tablet Stand for Bed, Sofa, or Uneven Surfaces ($40 […]

roshambxo: GOOD EVENING, TUMBLR! I’M TAKING COMMISSIONS The above examples will be updated to more recent pieces soon, but the prices and such are all updated. INFO’S ALL UNDER THE CUT HECK YEAH Keep reading

optais-amme: dancerdyke: dadrielle: I saw a sad facebook post from the gay bookstore back in Ann Arbor where I used to live about how they hadn’t sold any books that day so I went on […]

closet-keys: closeted people who haven’t come to terms with being LGBT yet, as represented in media: blatantly homophobic bullies who out other people and physically abuse them closeted people who haven’t come to terms with being […]

thehomebrood: PATREON | Ko-Fi | YOUTUBE | ABOUT Well, as promised! I said I’d do a huge giveaway once the podcast got started, and we just posted our first episode, the recap of the first […]

youngchronicpain: I know spoonies having pets doesn’t make sense to a lot of people. Because they take extra energy, they cause messes, they cost extra money etc But I know for a fact there are […]