zyoko: So I drew a thing today. Gotta show some love to my girlfriend @mystarseed because she’s adorable~! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE <3 Look at these two adorkable fluffballs, they’re so cuuute just like mah girlfrieeend who’s the bestest!

justareallyboredfangirl: thats-slightly-raven: i hate taking off my glasses because my eyes go from 1080hd to buffering at 240p and i just cannot handle that i don’t wear glasses but this post put things in perspective […]

spoonie-living: harpsicalbiobug: vampireapologist: badchristiannightcore: whoweargoldintheirhair: PSA: COUGH MEDICINE + SSRI ANTIDEPRESSANTS CAN KILL YOU. I am apparently very very lucky that I had a low dose of both. Google tells me that what I had […]