l-la: It has been v. frosty lately around here. I hope you’re all warm and taking care of yourselves if you’re in some of the chillier clims at the moment! (that’s -16F) Surviving… by staying […]

lackadaisycats: Uh oh. It’s a Star War.I drew these for Patrons, mostly in livestreams, back around the time TFA came out.  It seemed like an appropriate time to share them publicly…with some apologies. >_> Happy holidays, […]

ruderubicante: Page 453 – Battle Against Zhaitan A thank you fanimation to Arenanet for this wonderful game, and to the fans who have supported it. You’re all wonderful, and I wish you all the best. […]

canaries: canaries: HELLO I JUST FOUND THE BEST FUCKING WEBSITE FOR WORKING ON CHARACTERS AND WORLD BUILDING YEET FUCKERS SEE YOU IN 8 YEARS If you have been struggling with world building and finding a […]

vague-yet-menacing: vague-yet-menacing: vague-yet-menacing: why do 90% of all medicines sound like cool wizard names it is i, Zyrtec the allmighty, you are no match for Xanax the Wise If my players mispronounce the name of […]