dnd-inspiration: Please like or reblog this post if you are a Shadowrun blog, or even a Dungeons and Dragons blog. I prefer art and information blogs, not inspiration ones. Thank you!

Pool Party Predicts Finished all my PPP commissions, so I’ve opened more slots. If you still have some predicts that need doing this MAY be your last chance (though I will likely take more slots […]

radioactivesoda-gw2: HOO-HA-HEY- it’s about time I posted commission info =v=‘ my job is great but I only seem to be making enough money to barely pay my loans, and I don’t have money left over […]

driftersrpg: The Drifters engage in actual anti-Imperial action. INTENTIONALLY! Catch us live on Twitch@Midgardia! This was a truly EPIC episode. The beginning of our own saga, and the end of the first ‘arc’ of Drifters. […]

Midgardia After going to Animecon last weekend and attending some panels, I’ve properly created a network channel for all our tabletop shenanigans (and we plan to add more as time goes on, including gaming and […]