cubewatermelon: I recently listened to the entirety of The Adventure Zone and did a few doodles as I was goin’ along! TAZ is seriously amazing. I can’t believe some of the storytelling they’re able to […]

cryptid-creations: Day 1437. Poltrygiest by Cryptid-Creations Time-lapse, high-res and WIP sketches of my art available on Patreon (: Twitter  •  Facebook  •  Instagram  •  DeviantART   I think @tookipalooki will enjoy this one.

l-la: l-la: I hit another big number of followers recently, after cleaning out all of the porn blogs following me—and SO IT IS TIME! ✨✨✨ TIME FOR A FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY! ✨✨✨ Every like and reblog is […]

wanderingstoryteller: inkskinned: i think this year only taught me to love the smallest things. okay. okay. so the world is trying to kill us. so the world has succeeded in a few cases. but in […]