PLBC Babies I am so proud of those two raffi, specially the black and white one. Theme was ‘japanese calligraphy’. There’s no actual words on it, I squiggled in the ‘kanji’ to make them look […]

thatweirdscienceguy: runningeleven: Science side of Tumblr: how can dragons breathe fire? There are three variants of dragons.One of them possesses  a gland that produces a liquid, which spontaneously combusts when coming into contact with oxygen. […]

SBC Baseing Done a couple days ago. Including the free color that comes with it for this month only! Base comes with areas blocked out and layers locked for ease of coloring, and edits separated […]

zyoko: Seekers . Fifi the Fey Corgi by Hawkein Another day another character. This time the trouble maker Fifi. A paladin who ends up having to fight the teams sorcerer over who’s the best team […]