coryn71366: mystarseed: Mixed List Babies As things cool down in the eggnog/blind date breedings, I ended up with a bit of a mix this time. And a couple of horrors have sprouted into being. Apparently, […]

cupcakesandpartyhats: Yesterday morning “Reese”, a beautiful golden retriever who is a registered service dog for Pfc. Philip (Phil) H. Bauer, US Army, (Ret.), became very sick and was rushed to the emergency vet.  Pfc. Bauer was a […]

littlecuppajodraws: Vox Machina plus Mercer– the full 1:1 portraits I used to make a wallpaper for the 50th episode celebration gallery here: I got through all of Your Lie in April, Death Note, and […]

This is what happens when @posereference posts a pose that really speaks to you for an OC. Have a sketch of Ali’asi Vanviel, my half-elf warrior gal on @thedndwanderers campaign. Chances of me finishing this […]