kaylapocalypse: should-i-go-back: jewishdragon: corseque: doodlebonez: This is just… really awesome the Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity playing over the baseline of Gymnopedie nearly broke me.. not only is the mash-up perfect but the little faces bring […]

thraaaaanduil: rolyticay: thraaaaanduil: im so jittery and happy and flattered rn, all my fancy courier sneks disappeared from the box the second they were accepted, basically, and im just !!! over that right now ahhh […]

icantdrawbutdontcare: hydrocephalitics: icantdrawbutdontcare: This is for all of you who wonder what emotional abuse is. It is not a definitive list but it gives you an idea. Emotional abuse takes many forms, you can still […]