GCC Ticket – Cloaked Demon Mage Heheee… had fun with this one, and a bit of thinking things over to properly layer the edits for breedability without making 100 folders. Went simple on the body […]

illusidy: Pics are crappy, but whatevs! I finally finished my first legendary! Now my flower child can have a nice flower bow! ; u ; Thank you to everyone who commissioned me, and to my […]

mantraswag: saladparty: this is a real thing that happened to a real person [Right Click – Open Link In New Tab it’s mood music] GO ON. LAUGH. CHOKE ON WATER WHILE YOU’RE AT IT GETTING […]

hinatasayoko: one of my favorite parts of doing PBCs is watching the babies get “likes” while they’re on the front page. :3

tylerscarrots: I’m really done with your bullshit, forum people. Ace comeback tho. As someone with disabilities, it’s amazing to see someone like Taimi in the game. Her character has a lot of great points, and […]