aywas-artist-spotlight: Welcome to PBC artist spotlight, where we feature artists with 5 or less pairings in queue! Stuck in one of the 100+ pairing long queues? If you would rather not wait twelve eons, consider […]

aywasconfessions: I know there was just a PBC artist highlight featuring her but I had to give some serious props to Hikaru! I’ve never seen a PBC artist work so fast and produce such amazing […]

ultrafacts: gatochick: ultrafacts: pizzaismylifepizzaisking: majikkant: ultrafacts: Source Video of Tama Follow Ultrafacts for more facts The picture in the background of the second one Tama is boss THE TRAINS HAVE CARTOON TAMAS ON THEM Sad […]

PBC Baby – For Py First breeding with a greater life seed I get. It was an interesting combo, though I had trouble incorporating the third parent (the soli) noticeably, given the edits overlapped for […]