OMG LOOK!!! I am Aywas’ 1.000.000th visitor!! YAY! …I can’t believe they still have these ads running, and IN THAT QUALITY in 2015. Like… dude… at least update your art to make it more believable?

merelei: ikkleosu: BEACH BODY AD WITHDRAWN “ PROTEIN WORLD’s controversial Are You Beach Body Ready? campaign, advertising weight-loss supplements and meal replacements, will be removed over the next three days after the Advertising Standards Authority […]

fernhounds: Fern Hounds is 1 year old TODAY! I also hit 1000 followers yesterday, I can’t believe this, thank you all so much! I want to celebrate this with the whole Tumblr Guild Wars 2 […]

guiseofgentlewords: guiseofgentlewords: my father told me once to never date anyone who talks smoothly around you from the start because if someone likes you they should be a little nervous and honestly i think that’s […]

mystarseed: ravencrantz: tbh im kind of bored with aywas and i have no idea why like i havent been on in weeks except to do a couple of the dailies and i think the only […]

scruffyscientist: There’s no way even with a reference that that much improvement would happen with one drawing though? I’ve used references for YEARS and my art still has plenty of flaws. It’s really not plausible […]

mashable: Protein World’s ad campaign, which features a woman in a bikini and various products in the company’s “weight loss collection,” asks the question: Are you beach body ready? This has sparked an online backlash […]

aywasconfessions: Does anyone else ever wonder how Velcrow can make this then this then go back to this Does it not seem fishy to anyone else how inconsistent the style and quality is??  I THINK […]