element-of-change: highkristen: micdotcom: Watch: If robberies were treated like rape, this is how absurd it would sound This is why so many victims don’t report their assaults. “Someone was in here without my consent and […]

Hikaru: making some quinoa Shomaru: good. Hikaru: plus the chicken I burnt last night Hikaru: *coughs* Hikaru: it’s edible enough, just a bit Charr-d on one side Shomaru: …well…you are a member of the ash […]

moenetteistumblin: Re-vamped sailor Moon hoodie design, free to use non-commercially! For the white-striped parts, you can sewn on blue bias tape wiith white stripes if you don’t want to go through the hassle of stitching […]

channel-square: The Guardians of Mau Bookmark  (front & back) I have been wanting to do this fanart piece for a while now –  loooove the Sailor Moon kitties in their human forms *0* You can […]