cappywas: look at these cute snarlinsis :0 they’re a collab between me (sketches/coloring) and kelsey (lines/basing). she was a delight to work with! they’re up for sale in my shop 🙂 OMG they’re adorable!!

skimlines: itscolossal: A 1,000-piece CMYK Color Gamut Jigsaw Puzzle by Clemens Habicht my god someone has invented a game for artist alley after-hour gatherings and it looks like a type of torture I want this… […]

do you ever feel like you’re just sort of  there like all your friends go out and do things and get into relationships and like people that like them back and have fun and do […]

Another cutie pattootie for Teilchen, based on the bunny slippers item. God it’s so sugary I think I developed some cavities just working on it. I was initially gonna make the whole hoodie one solid […]

aywasunrated: what kind of weeaboo-ass name is Tsukino Hikaru lmao XD Okay I was just gonna ignore these, specially with the hilarity that they got flooded out of the tag. But. This one. Was too […]