The ‘no inbreeding’ rule is common on limited lines and SCCs. It’s been a way to control a lineset to keep it rare and make sure you don’t end up with lookalike cousins. This is […]

roseofmidnights: Hey Aytag! I’m looking for a not inbreed Lisune for sale that DOES NOT connect to the following lines: Glitter, Borealus, Scootboot Swoofy, Fletcher, Pinkie shy, Lorien, Lantis, Borealus, Scootboot, Kiria, Feline Can have wings […]

Got this kid born today that doesn’t quite show off his awesomeness till he grows up, so have an adult preview. He’s up for 80k, and is goldenrod/spring/obsidian. He looks like some kind of swamp […]

BABIES that need homes, like, urgently. I’m basically exalting them by order of whoever’s got a bonus and is an adult. They’re all REALLY CHEAP and if not I’m willing to haggle. But seriously, 10k-40kish […]