snakekoss: johnny1705: Getting these crystal checked right now. Thinking about doing a few premades & possibly selling some PSDs too. Whoa… I didn’t know you could edit and so well too o__o Johnny’s edits are […]

timetobe-me: intellectualbadarse: HOLY SHIT SIGNAL BOOST SIGNAL BOOST THIS Might want to add that this test is not definite, both ways. You can have test. Cancer and test as not pregnant, and you can get […]

thatonedog: commonersking: marianagoeshealthy: handbymade: Part two of Healthy Food Hacks found HERE awesome post Heya, all! You should probably avoid buying Quinoa. Although it is very nutrient rich and has helped bring money to the […]

So wait… pets uploaded with an SCC and are over 75% edits can’t be bred to other pets under 75% edits for LBC, but it’s fine to breed pets which are basically silver (from breeding […]

Species: alt Drylis Keyword: Program (computer sort) 2-3 Colors: red, darker colors? Death Squad (#7033) I prolly overthought this one, I really hope this is even remotely what they expected from the prompt x.x I […]