lala-loki-licious: englishtaught-westerncaught: small-town-equestrian: judgemyride: We all love the Budweiser Super Bowl ad.  TEARS ROLLED DOWN MY FACE JUST A TEAR? I WAS BAWLING MY EYES OUT OMG I PROMISE SOMEONE MACED ME I’M NOT CRYING […]

lthoneybun: Does anybody know of a good mate for this guy? He’s Rust/Fire/Stonewash and I want his mate to stay at least in the same Rust/Fire range (As in Reds/Oranges)  Tert doesn’t matter because any […]

thegamercat: Want to have GaMERCaT and Glitch as a plush? We need YOUR help to make it happen!! SO much want… but no cash, so bumps to help them out!

merelei: ursulavernon: disgustinganimals: anchor-arms: clorinspats: pampoovey: sexhaver: stunningpicture: I’m not too fond of snakes, but I can’t seem to take the Blunthead Tree Snake seriously. dont smoke weed kids its like a noodle with a […]

finchlets: gonna be selling like 2 limited breeding slots with this ooak gcc design by tooki *u* she’s in the queue now. after those slots sell, i’ll only be breeding her lines privately. let me […]