deviantart: Hiccup and Toothless’s next adventure? Trick or Treating! But we’re curious – What type of candy do Vikings hand out on Halloween?  “A Very HTTYD Halloween“ by TsaoShin  "A Very HTTYD Halloween” by TsaoShin […]

buttbear: ☆★☆GIVEAWAY TIME YOOO☆★☆ I’ve been meaning to do one for a while! I recently hit another one of the numbers I’d kinda been thinking about doing a giveaway for (for like the eighth time, […]

teadino-rising: EEee got two bebs from my Mediterranean pair!! They are so halloween-inspired its so coincidentally funny. I can easily see the 1st as ectoplasma and 2nd as pumpkin slime or something. I might part […]

hextraordinary: So for ergonomic reasons and the fact that I can’t see 3D, I’ve recently gotten myself a 2DS.  This leaves me with this Blue Pokemon XY 3DSXL which I figured I’d give away since […]

meandering-miasma: vaingory-spoopa: i’m hatching eggs for someone but fr will not let me see what happened with the babies………….. why………………. the parents are so pretty too they’re amazing, prettiest hatchies ever Here, I got them […]

Species: Melo Keyword: Cutesy Nautical Girl 2-3 Colors: Blue/White, whatever you want really(: Büllet (#478) Decided against a dolphin type tail for this one, too many out there, so went with a more fishy theme […]