Species: Old MeloKeyword: Child/Chibi Superhero2-3 Colors: Red, Blue and Gold I guess (artistic freedom to change)gabsph (#12544) Welp, first one done from my 5th GCC list. I had a blast with this one. I went […]

dragonrhapsody: memecollection: For more funny posts click HERE! Hahaha! This is ME! My hubby is always: “It’s pronounced ——” *facepalm* and I’m like: “Okay!” And then I use it all the time because now I […]

Species: Old-line melo/phanto, whichever the artist prefers.Keyword: Secret Garden2-3 Colors: Dark green, Blue, and PinkStar (#36658)Notes: Freaking… flowers… shading… I… *dies* You guys get a full size image this time, cuz a lot gets lost […]