Looking to get the following seasonal pets for my collection: Turtle Dove Griffin Dancing Cereus I have… well mostly BP… and am also willing to exchange any ADs in my shop for them! I also […]

scirbbles: Read More Hmm well. I usually find that making a character care about something is one of the best ways to make them interesting. Be it a person, a cause… anything that gets them […]

senoritacumberbatch: singularitytheorem: Stop scrolling. “Hi! I’m the Doctor. I noticed you were having a bit of a bad day. So! Convinced you’re not important, eh? I’ve never heard a stupider stupid thought in my life. […]

caliguloves: how do people make such fucking nice looking markings why can i never get mine that crisp and clean looking ugghhh what the fuck is this SORCERY To make complex, detailed markings you need […]