pyawakit: kouotsu: So….I’ll try to sum up what’s happening here. In 2008, I designed and modeled a robot girl for a college assignment. I posted them on DeviantArt as I always do, and since then […]

caritashelianus: kastiakbc: howtohavegaysubtext: knightkeladry: Oldest American Ren Faire hires first female jouster Virginia Hankins. Because she’s awesome. Source What a majestic human being this is. Wow. wOW. WOWe. OH WOW ACTUAL GROWN UP MERIDA KICKING […]

thinly: -Sir, we’ve found this and we needed you to name it. -Pineapple. -But we figured we might as well just call it “Ananas” since the majority of the world refers to it as- –Pineapple. […]

doodleloser: 04range: yonkobe: boo-bitch-i-said-boo-now-scream: kittyxlover: sarbrez-l: acestrider: zilliah: rexspooksley: m-katt: ciel-phantom-hive: fitnessonly: WELL…..FUCK I knew it Great… …oh ….god damn it freaking a oops i was just biting my lip Shit. This explains everything -.- […]

Me: I’m so tired I could collapse into bed and sleep for a year.. Me: gets in bed Me: how was earth created Me: who made microwaves Me: how does the internet even work Me: […]

venrah: mystarseed: I thought I had a problem, then Kazna made me feel better by admitting she had a ton of luiri breedings submitted too. Still considering getting another BC to submit the moth bumble […]