slugbox: mageofbutts: blingostarr: spiswatchingyou: i-steal-your-pantsu: videohall: Wow that’s amazing, I thought it was fake after seeing them draw on the paper. That alone is ingenious. what the hell oh my gOD i was already dead […]

pettyartist: fyeahwriterleopard: (Submitted by argyle-socks-and-muffins) Aka my HG Nuzlocke’s plot. Is this supposed to be a bad thing? I enjoy practicing my maniacal Evil Laughter™. Besides, I love pulling other ppl’s heart-strings with my stories!

deviantart: At HQ, we have been drinking ~all-day’s artistic tea. We can’t wait to try the new Avengers Teas Assemble! areyoutryingtodeduceme: lilihierax: areyoutryingtodeduceme: AVENGERS TEAS ASSEMBLE. Wow I dragged my feet on doing most of these for […]

soundlesswind: There are FOUR HOURS LEFT! If Anipan doesn’t reach their goal of 25k, they will incur a cost penalty and that’s a boo… 🙁 From now until the end of the campaign, the next […]