poisoncage: impressive *_*  both frightful sight for me as an arachophobiac an yet the’yre so useful in the same time for lessening  mosquitoes and preventing from too much malaria leftoftheleft: A girl walks past a […]

[12:05:55 AM] Tsukino Hikaru: *chat dies* [12:15:10 AM] Ginny: D8 [12:15:24 AM] Shomaru: Shomaru used full restore! Chat regained health! [12:15:37 AM] Shomaru: oh. damn. that was my last one, too. >3> [12:15:50 AM] Ginny: […]

celesse: zambicandy: missveryvery: kickstarter for pressure sensitive pen for ipad and android!! if you’ve got 25 bucks, you should fucking do this. offer ends on October 21st oh god, my fucking dream is this pen ; […]