If you do your job, your characters will come to life and start doing stuff on their own. I know that sounds a little creepy if you haven’t actually experienced it, but it’s terrific fun […]

Name: Qimae (Mae)Species: MurianClan: Twintail of NiflheimAge: 15 Qimae is an orphan girl who spends a lot of time hopping from home to home in the small community of 50 families of the refugee Twintail […]

pewchunpew: tryinggtoevolve: These special arthropods (stomatopods) have 16 visual pigments! We only have four, and we can see millions of colors. Their vision is hyperspectral, they can see ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths, as well as polarized light. […]

Stars Wars weather — Kit·blog — Cristian ‘Kit’ Paul “Nice and sunny in Aldera today, on beautiful Alderaan. Some showers are expected tomorrow. Unfortunately there seems to be a glitch about Tuesday’s high temperature and […]